It can be safely assumed that an average home computer user uses his computer mostly to send/receive mails, browse the net, access online applications, watch movies, listen to music, use some desktop applications and work on documents or spreadsheets, in that order of decreasing frequency of use. But for the avid gamers, most would play some sort of simple computer games like card games, puzzles, chess etc. A very small percentage of the population would use a home computer for programming.

Except for extreme gaming, rendering animations and heavy duty data processing, most of the processing requirements of a typical user can be met by an entry level system. Of these three activities only the 2nd and the 3rd could be considered of any practical value to the system (and to an extent to the user) and these two are required by a very very small percentage of the total population. We could possibly even conclude that most of the home users could perform most of their normal computer uses using an entry level PC.

Consider the following configuration
AMD Sempron 3000
80 GB Harddisk
DVD Combo Drive
15" CRT Monitor
Multimedia Keyboard
Optical Mouse
This is a pretty simple, entry level system configuration. The cost of this system comes to Rs. 13500/- before VAT and around Rs.14100/- including VAT. This system should, under normal circumstances, be able to meet most of the needs of a typical home user. If this meets your need then why go for a high end system that is going to cost you another 4K-10K more.

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