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| 2 min read
Drupal module uses a lot of functionality. Once we enable a module we add many functionalities to Drupal. Sometimes we do not want to display the functionality provided by module but we do want the functionality to work in the background. For example creating a new account is functionality that can be hidden from users. This can be done by hiding some tabs or links in Drupal. Read on to know how to hide existing menu tabs in Drupal.
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| 3 min read
When focusuing on Drupal website development, user roles and permissions are an important way of controlling access to the site. This is more so important when there are multiple individuals besides the website owner who administers the site. Other people can be assigned certain 'roles' which define the kind of access that is to be granted. Basically in Drupal, the Site maintainer and Administrator roles are given all the available permissions and Drupal Administrator role receives all permissions throughout the lifespan of the site. This is not the case for other 'roles', where access within admin permissions and time limits only are granted to users linked to those roles.
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| 1 min read
Are you looking for an easy way to delete hundreds and thousands of nodes in your Drupal CMS? We all know how to delete it using the normal admin panel which forces us to select all and clicking the delete button again and again. If you are a lazy person then probably you don't like to waste your time to find some stupid script to delete all nodes. In fact there is no need to do that, since somebody had already done that. I am saying about the Devel Generate module. Yes, Devel Generate to delete nodes!
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| 4 min read
We at Zyxware have been working on several drupal projects for more than two years now and we learned a lot in the process. Two of our internal projects include and, where we have tried out different SEO tactics. There are a number of really good drupal modules that come in handy when you are dealing with SEO in your drupal website. Here are a select few of them that really helped in attracting more traffic to our drupal projects.