[SOLVED]Skype Communication Failed In Ubuntu?

May 31, 2018 - 17:16

One day my Skype account unexpectedly closed after I logged in. I tried to login multiple times, but after logging in, the application always abruptly closed by itself. If this has happened to you, no worries, here are some quick fix tips.

  • Navigate to your home folder in Ubuntu.
  • Use CTRL+H and find your .skype folder.
  • Remove your skype history by deleting the folder that has your Skype username.
  • You can thus solve the issue. You will retain all contacts but will Ioose all your Skype groups.

If this issue repeats, click on 'Skype for Linux Alpha' for your 64 bit OS and download it. Click the downloaded file(skypeforlinux-64-alpha.deb). Using your 'Ubuntu Software Center' install the Alpha version of Skype.

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