[SOLVED][Drupal] How to prevent path alias from being changed when editing the title?

March 04, 2013 - 11:22

Many Drupal users have wanted to know how to prevent the path alias from being changed when editing the title. If you are facing issues when the path alias changes after editing the node title in your Drupal module then read on to find out the solutions.

A few Drupal users had realized that a change in the path alias was adversely affecting their Facebook page likes and decreasing SEO ranking for pages whose title had been changed. Here is the solution provided by a Drupal user.

  • You should configure Pathauto to not update aliases
  • To do that go to
  • There set the 'Update action" setting to
    Do nothing. Leave the old alias intact
  • This should do the trick for you

Hope that helps.

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