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AriOS 3.0.1 is an updated version of AriOS 3.0, with all the features of 3.0 plus the latest security and application updates, and minor bug fixes and tweaks, plus a new default theme. AriOS combines the stability and maturity of Ubuntu 11.04 base with a hand-picked selection of bleeding edge applications, constantly updated from well-known PPAs and the GetDeb repository.
AriOS focuses on providing an optimized working environment so that you can get productive instantly. The customized interface helps you get the most out of the precious vertical screen space which makes AriOS a good choice for netbooks and laptops. As always AriOS features an offline installer for Nvidia and ATI proprietary drivers for video cards. This version also includes GIMP 2.7.3 with the long-awaited single-window mode support. Other packages: Linux kernel 2.6.38-11,Firefox 6.0.1,Thunderbird 6.0LibreOffice 3.3.3,Nautilus Elementary 2.32.2.
Avant Window Navigator 0.4.1-rewrite-bzr830+201104200108,VLC 1.1.11,GIMP 2.7.3 with single-window mode support,Pidgin 2.10.0,Clementine 0.7.1,Oracle VM Virtualbox 4.1.2
Synapse 0.2.6,Choqok Twitter and identi.ca client 1.1,Chromum 13.0.782.215,Skype
DockbarX 0.46.1,Grub-customizer 2.1.2,Diodon (Clipboard Utility) 0.5.0,Unetbootin 549-1,
Super Boot Manager 0.7.09 (A powerful utility for managing GRUB, BURG and Plymouth),
Uget 1.8.0, Handbrake 0.9.5, Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.11, Deja Dup 18.1.1, Gnome Mplayer 1.0.2.

About AriOS

AriOS is an easy-to-use operating system based on Ubuntu. AriOS comes with a unique and optimized interface as well as many extra applications, multimedia codecs, flash and java plugins, and many tweaks! AriOS is not just Ubuntu+extra programs. It has been carefully designed to help you get productive instantly in a pleasant environment instead of spending a lot of hours configuring your system. The word “AriOS” could be roughly translated into “The Operating System from the Ancient Persia”.

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